Twin Falls Public Library

Comics & Coffee
Brush up on your Wolverine before the release of Logan!

Hey Wolverine fans!

Join us February 22 at 5pm for this month’s Comics & Coffee as we discuss Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s classic “Wolverine”. Uncover the unique history of Marvel’s most iconic character. Copies are available at the Twin Falls Public Library. 

Comics & Coffee is a library program that meets once a month at Twin Beans Coffee Company to discuss the latest and greatest graphic novels. Whether this is your first time reading a graphic novel or you’re a lifelong comics fan this group is for you! Also, drinking coffee is not a requirement as Twin Beans offers many delicious caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages. 

We hope to see you there!

Think Faster, Focus Better, and Remember More

A recent AARP survey reports 9 in 10 people say brain health is important, but few know how to maintain it. BrainHQ is an easy way to make brain health a priority. Our brains are at their peak performance at age 27, but through continual learning and challenge we can help remodel our brains and function maximally, so we can lead the life we want.  

BrainHQ is an online suite of 27 exercises with 840+ levels of training organized around the 6 core cognitive areas of Attention, Brain Speed, Memory, People Skills, Intelligence and Navigation. Exercises are delivered in short 2 minute or less segments, adapting speed and delivery to your performance.  A private, personal dashboard visualizes your performance and provides feedback and suggestions on areas of focus. 

Through training you too can gain 10 years improvement in memory, experience increased visual and auditory processing, improve reaction time, and even decrease medical costs. 

Get started by creating your private account with BrainHQ, and light up your brain. Training is available online, or by downloading an app to your iPhone or iPad. The Android app is under development.

Access BrainHQ

Learn something new!

Ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument at home without paying for tutorials? The library now has a new database called ArtistWorks! It is an online database of music and art lessons for vocals, scratching, drawing, and instruments including guitar, harmonica, piano, and more. All you need is a library card!