Computers, Printing, and Faxing

Public Computers

The Library has the following computers available for use:


  • Adult Computer Area: 18 desktop systems

  • Teen Computer Area: 8 desktop systems

  • Youth Computer Area: 8 desktop systems

All computer systems have access to high speed internet and are compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Idaho Code 33-2741

Computer access requires a Library card and provides a standard computer session for up to 2 hours. Patrons may login multiple times and can start a new 2 hour session as long as a 30 minute break between consecutive computer sessions has been taken. The Library also offers a free Internet Use Only card which allows for computer access only and does not come with additional library privileges. The library also offers a free express pass for 15 minutes of computer use.


Public computers are updated on a consistent basis and provide access to the following software:

  • Modern web browser (Firefox and Chromium)
  • LibreOffice suite compatible with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • PDF Reader
  • Screenshot Application
  • Basic bitmap and vector graphic editor (GIMP and Inkscape)
  • Media player
Users data (downloads, documents, etc) on the computers will not be retained between computer sessions. If data needs to be saved patrons will need to email or save data to a USB storage device.


All Library computers are connected to a print release station. Printing costs $0.25 per color page and $0.15 for black and white pages. Print kiosks are located by the Adult Computers on the main floor and between the Teen and Youth computers on the lower floor. Print kiosks only accept coin and paper currency however a credit card may be used at the Front Desk to add funds to a print account. 

Public WiFi

Public WiFi is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To access the free public WiFi connect the device to “TFPL Public Internet”. There is no password to connect and your device will be granted an 8 hour session once you agree to the terms and conditions. Devices connected to the Library WiFi are also subject to internet filtering. 

Printing from the Public WiFi network is not available however documents may be emailed or transferred to a Public Library Computer and then printed.

Media Stations
The Library has two study rooms located on the 3rd level which each have a single Media Computer. Media computers have higher performant hardware and support various types of media software for audio editing, video editing, and computer modeling. Patrons will need to reserve one of the Study Rooms to access a Media Station. Unlike the Public Computers these systems do not have a session time limit outside of the scheduled time for the room.

These systems run on Windows 10 and have the following software installed:

  • DaVinci Resolve (video editor)
  • Audacity (audio editor)
  • Visual Studio Code (code editor)
  • Atom IO (code editor)
  • FreeCAD (computer modeling)
  • OpenSCAD (computer modeling)
  • Online meeting software (Zoom and Microsoft Teams)
Additional software installation are not permitted.


The Library has 2 public accessible photocopiers located in the Adult Computer area on the main floor and the Youth Services department on the lower floor. Copies cost $0.25 for color pages and $0.15 for black and white pages. Copiers can print and scan from USB storage devices. Scanning to USB costs $0.15 per page.


Faxing services are available and cost $1 per page. Please visit the Front Desk for assistance.